Chief Josh Smith

Ret. Master Sergeant and Pararescueman, United States Air Force

Dr. Duncan French

VP of Performance, UFC Performance Institute

Dr. Georgia Giblin

Director of Performance, Detroit Tigers

Lauren Green

Director of Sports Science, UC San Diego

Lea Thomann

Senior Manager of Sports Medicine, US Soccer

Andy Guard

Sport Scientist, US Soccer

Holly Frantz

Director of S&C for Olympic Sports, University of Maryland

Dr. John P. Wagle

Director of Performance Science / Player Dev., KC Royals

Dr Josh Hagen

Director of the Human Performance Innovation Center, Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute West Virginia University

Fernando Montes

Exercise Physiologist, Los Angeles County Fire Department

Gillian Bower

Director of High Performance, US Ski and Snowboard Team

Joseph Patterson

Soldier Performance Strategist, CCDC Soldier Center

Col. Kevin A. Bigelman

US Army

Dr. Pinata H. Sessoms

Deputy Dept. Head Warfighter Performance Dept. and Operational Readiness Directorate, NHRC

Adam Strang

Human Performance Research Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

Joseph Dulla

Interim Assoc. Dean of Fire Technology, Santa Ana College

Kris Ross

Faculty Coordinator, Santa Ana College Fire Technology