The Human Performance Summit, hosted by Fusion Sport, showcases speakers and panelists that include some of the world’s leading human performance experts from professional teams, sports institutes, military, and public safety organizations. Learn how state-of-the-art technology and data are being used in the real world to optimize performance, reduce injuries, speed recovery times, and foster overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

Chief Josh Smith

Ret. Master Sergeant & Pararescueman, US Air Force

Duncan French, PhD

VP of Performance, UFC Performance Institute

Georgia Giblin, PhD

Director of Performance, Detroit Tigers

Lauren Green

Director of Sports Science, UC San Diego

Lea Thomann

Senior Manager of Sports Medicine, US Soccer Federation

Ryan Atkison

Director of Performance Services, Canadian Sports Institute Ontario

Holly Frantz

Director of S&C for Olympic Sports, University of Maryland

Josh Hagen, MS, PhD

Director, Human Performance Collaborative, Ohio State University

John P. Wagle, MBA, MS, PhD

Director of Performance Science & Player Development, Kansas City Royals

Fernando Montes

Exercise Physiologist, LA County Fire Department

Gillian Bower

Director of High Performance, US Ski & Snowboard

Joseph Patterson

Soldier Performance Strategist, CCDC Soldier Center

Col. Kevin A. Bigelman

Director Holistic Health & Fitness System, US Army

Dr. Pinata H. Sessoms

Deputy Dept. Head Warfighter Performance Dept. and Operational Readiness Directorate, NHRC

Adam Strang

Human Performance Research Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

Joseph Dulla

Interim Assoc. Dean of Fire Technology, Santa Ana College

Mike Curtis

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Men’s Basketball, University of Virginia

Kris Ross

Faculty Coordinator, Santa Ana College Fire Technology

Major Carolyn R. Price-Moore

Aerospace Physiology Lead Command, US Air Force