Asia Pacific Summit

The Human Performance Summit is designed to provide a forum for industry professionals who are working with human performance data on a daily basis to gain meaningful outcomes. For the Asia Pacific Summit we had two full days of sessions from experts across elite sports and tactical human performance. Below are all the presentation from our Human Performance experts.

Phil Coles | Injury Prevention In Elite Sport

Phil Coles, former Director of Performance at the San Antonio Spurs (NBA) and current High Performance Coordinator/Senior Physiotherapist at Football Federation Australia (FFA), gave an insightful presentation into injury prevention in elite sport and how that effected decision making, talent recruitment and athletic development.

During Phil’s time at the San Antonio spurs he developed what he calls ‘The Injury Prevention Pyramid’. In this presentation Phil elaborates on all the building blocks of injury prevention for elite sports teams and through his experience, anecdotally gives examples of the implementation of his work.

Sam Robertson | Machine Learning in Elite Sports (Western Bulldogs & Victoria University)

Sam Robertson, currently holding a joint appointment as the Victoria University-Western Bulldogs Head of Research and Innovation, gave a perceptive presentation into the realm of machine learning and its relationship with decision making in elite sports.

Sam has a focus on the application of machine learning to sports problems and improving decision-making through analytics. In this presentation Sam explains how AI (artificial intelligence) can improve decision making in sport and decrease the factor of human error going into the future.

Simon Harries | Athlete Management Systems in High Performance Sport (Rugby Australia)

Simon Harries, current Head of Performance Science and Rehabilitation for the Australian Men’s Rugby Sevens program, gave an insightful presentation into how the Men’s Rugby Sevens program utilises their athlete management system (Smartabase) for injury and illness collection, athlete profiling, training load management, monitoring, and training prescription.

Simon has been involved with Rugby Australia for over 4 years now and originated as the National Programs Athletic Performance Coordinator. Simon was on the ground for the initial launch of the Rugby Australia nation-wide athlete management system (Smartabase) and has seen it grow into a fully holistic system that runs in both 7’s and 15’s rugby programs. In this presentation Simon goes in depth on the use of Smartabase and the impact it’s had over the past 4 years.

Luke Power | Utilising Technology to Develop Youth Athletes (AFL Academy)

Luke Power, current Manager of the AFL Academy, gave an insightful presentation about youth generation ‘z’ and how he utilises technology to best engage and develop his athletes. The AFL Academy use athlete management system (Smartabase) to monitor and track their youth athletes and accustom them to the technology requirements of professional AFL players.

Luke has a unique resume within the AFL as both a player and a coach. Luke was a professional AFL player from 1998 to 2012, most notably playing for the Brisbane Lions from 1998 to 2011. Luke played 282 games for the Lions and was part of the triple-premiership winning side of 2001-2003. After retirement in 2012 Luke took up coaching and in 2016 was named AFL Academy Manager. In this presentation Luke gives his perspective on the new generation of AFL athletes and the difficulties he faces in engaging with them. Technologies such as Smartabase have been key in developing youth athletes of the modern era.

Brad Pryjmachuk | Performance Development Alignment  (NSW Rugby)

Brad Pryjmachuk, current Performance Solutions Manager for NSW Rugby League, gave an insightful presentation into how NSW Rugby League utilise their athlete management software (Smartabase) for their Youth Development program and how it has expedited and improved the talent identification process.

Brad has been with NSW Rugby League as the Performance Solutions Manager for over three years and has been working closely with Fusion Sport on developing their athlete management system (Smartabase). In 2014 the elite men’s program won the State of Origin series after a lengthy period of failure. The same year a youth development program was initialised in parallel with Smartabase. In this presentation Brad explains how the Smartabase system is used for talent identification and where he sees it developing in the future.

Lisa Alexander | A Head Coach’s Perspective on Athlete Data Management (Netball Australia)

Lisa Alexander, current head coach of the Australian Diamonds netball team, gave an insightful presentation into the role an athlete management system (Smartabase) plays in the holistic build of a nation-wide organisation. Lisa has the been the head coach of the Australian Diamonds since 2011 and has won two World Championships, gold and silver Commonwealth medals.

Lisa is a self-titled “champion of AMS (athlete management system)” and believes that embracing technology is the best option moving forward with elite Netball. In this presentation Lisa explains the journey that the Australian Diamonds have been on implementing the AMS with the national and Suncorp Super Netball teams in order to better monitor her athletes to make more informed decisions.

Matt Jeffriess | Using Video Effectively for Human Performance Education & Analysis (NRL Officials)

Matt Jeffriess | Using Video Effectively for Performance Education & Analysis (NRL Referees) Matt Jeffriess has been working with the NRL Referess at the National Rugby League for over 4 years now as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Rehab Coordinator and more recently the Performance Coordinator. The NRL Referees utilise athlete management system (Smartabase) to track the training loads of their athletes and more recently used to analyse data from a video analysis project.

In parallel to his role at the NRL Referees Matt is a current PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney developing a thesis based around the factors influencing elite Rugby League referee performance. One aspect of this study is video analysis. During a regular season game NRL referees wear head mounted cameras that are utilised via the ‘Bunker’ video referee system. Matt has been using the head camera footage to analyse positional movement and reaction time to develop better education strategies in the future. In this presentation Matt explains how the NRL referees utilise their athlete management system (Smartabase) and goes in depth on the video analysis project he’s been developing.

Troy Ayres | Planning for High Performance On and Off the Field (Queensland Academy of Sport, QAS)

Troy Ayres has been with the Queensland Academy of Sport for over five years and has been involved with Olympic sports such as, athletics, rowing, triathlon, water polo, tennis, golf, volleyball and football. A major project for Troy has been the implementation of Smartabase, a holistic athlete management system. Utilising Smartabase Troy has been able to develop Individual Performance Plans (IPP) and is currently developing the MY360 program. Troy is currently trialling the system with the QAS triathlon athletes and has plans to develop it across all sports at the QAS. In this presentation Troy explains the importance of well-rounded athletes and how Smartabase has been used to monitor, track and organise his elite athletes.